Blockchain Innovation is Moving Faster than Policy-Making – BLOCKWORKS

The fight to keep key elements of blockchain infrastructure such as nodes and wallets from being considered “brokers,” and be required to engage in tax reporting, now involves Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen as the Washington Post reported Friday. 

But as Sarson Funds co-founder and fund manager Jahon Jamali explained to Blockworks, the fight is based on fundamental misunderstandings about the underlying technology that powers digital assets.

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The SEC has ‘failed’ to give crypto industry clarity on regulation: Digital Currency Advocate – CHAMBER OF DIGITAL COMMERCE

Chamber of Digital Commerce Founder and President Perianne Boring joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss the future of crypto regulation.

Video Transcript

– I want to turn to kind of a larger discussion around the regulatory frontier. As we’ve seen, of course, SEC chair Gary Gensler is one man. There are other commissioners to take into account here, as we did last week, Hester Peirce joining us for a little bit, talking about her dissatisfaction with the way that the SEC has been dragging their feet when it comes to regulating crypto. Take a listen to just a piece of our discussion from last week.

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